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Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited

my DMG MORI & WERKBLiQ – the digital “must-have” for all customers

Mechanical engineering


Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited (AML), based in Sheffield, was spun off in 2008 from the Advanced Manufacturing Centre. It researches advanced manufacturing solutions, including for the aerospace sector. With this experience and manufacturing expertise, AML has now expanded to include 55 employees.


The challenge

The machine basis at AML comprises ten NMV processing centres and NLX machining centres at DMG MORI. Since the end of 2019, AML has been using the new customer portal  my DMG MORI, which provides rapid direct contact to the DMG MORI service experts and offers access to all machine documents. However, additional optimisations were also required: “The maximum utilisation of the processing centres is essential if we are to offer competitive prices,” explains Mark Hands, Operation Manager at AML. For this, AML relies on rapid service and minimal machine downtime.

“Our maintenance processes were based on a system with Excel tables that we had to create manually,” recalls Mark Hands. This took a significant amount of time, and some maintenance intervals were missed.

Issues resulting from this:

Machine downtime must be minimised

Manual upkeep of Excel tables is an error-prone system

Consistent documentation for audits is not ensured


Founded in





Find the solution

The platform reliably informs us about any upcoming maintenance, and the whole process is paperless.

Upgrading to WERKBLiQ can be carried out in the my DMG MORI customer portal. All DMG MORI machines, documents and the entire service history are automatically carried over. WERKBLiQ is significantly expanding the functional range of my DMG MORI, for example by adding the maintenance manager, the digital machine logbook and the analysis function. 

Machines from third-party manufacturers and objects relevant to testing can be added to WERKBLiQ. “We can also integrate the air conditioning and roller door into WERKBLiQ. In short: the entire company,” says Mark Hands. WERKBLiQ thus acts as a complete database for maintenance and service processes throughout the entire company. The WERKBLiQ team provided AML with extensive support in finding the solution.


The implementation

We implemented the software without any staff from Bielefeld being here.

“With the four-week implementation programme, we were given a personal Customer Success Manager, who actively guided us through the setup process and ensured all of our departments were up to speed. After that we were capable of using the system in full.” WERKBLiQ even allows you to create your own tiles which remind you of certain routines in the machine logbook. Mark Hands makes reference to cleaning the machines: “At the end of a shift, our operators can use the portal to tick a box and confirm that they have completed the cleaning.”

The result

Now, AML profits from 360° functions when it comes to the entire service cycle of all machines and assets in a manufacturer-independent manner. my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ ensure efficient service and maintenance processes and thus a high level of machine availability. 

The team is happiest that the constant legwork and printing of paper are things of the past. “You wouldn’t believe how many times a day you have to go to the workshop. That takes at least two hours,” notes Mark Hands.

The machine operators can now quickly and easily escalate error reports via the internal order function from the workplace to the next supervisor. “They can then decide: Will we deal with this ourselves? Then the order is scheduled on the scheduling board. Or do we need to outsource the repair? Then we assign it to the DMG MORI experts.” You can also easily distribute information in the other direction too, for example security instructions to the workstations of the machine operators – including the requirement for a read receipt.

We are reducing our response times enormously and thus increasing the availability of our machine fleet.

The best thing: Every process is automatically acknowledged and documented. “All of our 16 machines now have a full maintenance history with WERKBLiQ,” adds Mark Hands. With the digitalisation of service processes on the basis of my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ, DMG MORI is consistently pursuing its own future-oriented strategy. Mark Hands confirms that AML is aware of the added value connected with this: “Since we are now able to manage all service processes together in one platform, we are reducing our  response times enormously and thus increasing the  availability of our machine fleet.."

About Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited (AML)

Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Limited (AML) , which is based in Sheffield, was founded in 2008 as a spin-off company of the Advanced Manufacturing Centre. Dr Morgan was so confident that advanced manufacturing could lead to enormous cost savings for the aviation and aerospace industry and the blue chip customers that he left research and founded AML, which is based in Great Britain. It researches advanced manufacturing solutions,  including for the aerospace sector. With this experience and manufacturing expertise, AML has now expanded to include 55 employees.

AML is now known as the market leader in processing complex gas turbine products and thus serves both the aviation and aerospace industry, as well as the energy sector. Advanced manufacturing methods lead to price reductions for customers, and new technologies mean that complexity and precision is achieved week by week. 

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