Explanation of the rights to data and contents

Explanation of the rights to data and content that is entered, stored or edited on the WERKBLiQ platform.

  1. Data that you, as the user, enter on the WERKBLiQ platform for a specific subscriber (a contractual partner of WERKBLiQ) is considered the data of the subscriber. This applies whether you are an employee, executive body, owner or agent of this subscriber. 
  2. Insofar as you have exclusive rights to texts, drawings, sketches, photos, slides, audio, video or other media data that you have stored on the platform, you grant the subscriber on whose behalf the data was entered the comprehensive and exclusive right to use said data in terms of time and space and for all known types of use, including the power to grant third parties the right to use said data to any extent. You waive the right to being named as the author insofar as this is relevant. The assertion of claims against the subscriber, against WERKBLiQ and/or any legal successor on the grounds of an alleged infringement of exclusive rights is excluded.
    You shall ensure that the content that you enter on the WERKBLiQ platform is not subject to third-party rights, including in respect of the subscriber under whose subscriber account you are registered. 
  3. WERKBLiQ has invested in the conceptual design, planning, programming, content and maintenance of the WERKBLiQ platform, which is used for systematic recording of data with reference to individual machines and mechanical equipment and for mapping of such systems and the data pertaining to them. This is a significant investment in terms of its type and scope. WERKBLiQ is therefore considered to be the originator of the database which is created and grows as a result of the input and maintenance of data. Insofar as rights to a database arise from this (sections 87 et seqq. of the German Copyright Act (UrhG)), they belong exclusively to WERKBLiQ. 
  4. Data you have entered on the platform remains stored after you delete your user account. This also applies to documents, in which you are named (maintenance and service reports, contracts with other subscribers, etc.). An individual entry or document can be deleted on request if there is a particular reason for doing so, although deletion is at our discretion. 

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