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Data security

At WERKBLiQ, we take security and data protection, both for our product and within our company, very seriously, to ensure that we protect the data entrusted to us by our customers.

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Data security

At WERKBLiQ, we take security and data protection, both for our product and within our company, very seriously, to ensure that we protect the data entrusted to us by our customers.

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Visibility and login protection

User-friendly functions help you to control user access. From logging into the company account to the functions that you can see and execute in WERKBLiQ.


Create information hierarchies to protect the data in your company account. Restrict what users can see and what they cannot, what they can access and what they are not authorised to do, by defining user permissions and visibility groups.


Improve your login security with two-factor email verification.


To prevent login data from being exposed, users are blocked based on their IP address if they attempt to log in too frequently. This is based on a rate of login attempts which can be achieved by potential hackers only with technical tools.


Secure infrastructure

We provide you with secure infrastructure which is trusted by thousands of customers all over the world. Backups every minute and every week ensure that your data is secure and protected.


We save and protect your data using first-class hosting infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. For optimised performance, WERKBLiQ databases for European users are hosted in Western Europe. Data belonging to users from the USA are stored in North America and data belonging to Japanese users are stored in data centres in Japan.


Our availability is based on guarantees provided by Microsoft Azure. You can find additional details about the services here: Microsoft Azure SLAs


We back your data up every minute and retain these backups for 35 days. In addition, a longer-term backup is created each week, which is saved for 52 weeks.


When it comes to monitoring, we place our trust in our partner, Dynatrace, which operates all over the world. Dynatrace provides us with more than just metrics. It provides precise answers using a topological full stack model and an unparalleled AI engine. Thanks to this integration of metrics and AI, problems can be identified at an early stage using baseline values.


Highest security standards

We prioritise the security of our customers’ data. That is why we use only state-of-the-art technologies and certified cloud infrastructures. All processes are regularly reviewed by independent service providers.


All databases, application servers and the network infrastructure at WERKBLiQ are hosted by Microsoft Azure. Since WERKBLiQ relies on Microsoft, we are able to utilise the significant investments made in the security and compliance of data centres:

Every six months we have comprehensive security tests carried out by an external, independent service provider. This includes the extensive review of aspects which are of security relevance, such as the identification of weak points.


  • Data at rest

All databases use “at rest” encryption. This means that the data can only be read following proper authentication on the respective database system. The files in which the data are stored are encrypted when saved, meaning that they can only be read by database systems that have the corresponding decryption key.

  • Data in transit

WERKBLiQ uses transport encryption when data must be transmitted over an insecure or public network (e.g. outside the Virtual Private Cloud). The type of transport encryption depends on the encryption required by the client system. WERKBLiQ uses HTTPS connections with 256-bit SSL certificates for all communication with clients.

Data protection is our top priority. All processes are therefore set up to be GDPR-compliant and the handling of customer data is clearly regulated by contracts (general business terms, data processing agreements, technical and organisational measures, etc.).


Why did we choose Microsoft Azure?

WERKBLiQ decided to partner up with Microsoft Azure in order to meet the strict security and compliance requirements of our customers in the business field and in public service and to enable WERKBLiQ to provide a scalable, seamless service at global level.

WERKBLiQ digitalises and networks machine operators, manufacturers and distributors.

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