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Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with digital transformation is a challenge for many industrial companies. WERKBLiQ shows you how to get started easily with the important topic of service. On the manufacturer-independent platform, the focus is placed not only on the machines but also on the employees. In addition to representing individual internal processes, the platform enables direct communication with everyone involved in the maintenance process, such as machine operators, service partners, manufacturers and distributors. The standardised but adaptable process via the WERKBLiQ platform accelerates, optimises and simplifies the entire communication flow and information flow with regard to Industry 4.0 .


Contract & prices

WERKBLiQ is suitable for all manufacturing companies in all industries that want to digitalise and streamline their internal maintenance, documentation and communication processes. You can find some current WERKBLiQ customers under References.


WERKBLiQ has the right option for every company. The monthly price depends on the number of machines to be integrated into WERKBLiQ.


Unless otherwise agreed, the contract term is 12 months, and notice of termination can be provided three months before the end of the term. Otherwise, the contract is extended for a further 12 months.


No problem. You can register and deregister machines at any time.


No. Only active machines affect the price of your WERKBLiQ plan.


There are no additional monthly costs over and above the basic fee. A one-off fee that depends on the company size is charged for the initial setup of your account. You also have the option of adding additional services, such as on-site workshops or interface programming, as well as the normal use of WERKBLiQ. However, we provide you with transparent information about this at any time.


Get started with WERKBLiQ

Yes. We offer a 30-day free trial period. Click on “Book demo” at the top right. The WERKBLiQ sales team will process your enquiry and get in touch with you. The standard course of action is that we initially arrange a web demo with you to find out more about your company’s requirements and problems. We then arrange a joint trial period and send you the access details by email.


You specify a department, five machines and five users. We set up the test account for you within 48 hours. You receive an automated email and can set your personal password. You are then ready to get started and you can click through all the functions. We will, of course, support you during the 30-day trial period with web demos and telephone support.


It’s up to you:

  1. Trial period with demo data: You receive a test account populated with demo data. We create locations, machines, maintenance orders and repairs for you for example purposes. In just a few clicks you can get an idea of what the software is all about and see whether your desired target processes can be represented. Since it is a test account, you don’t have to worry about entering anything incorrectly. However, all data will be erased after the trial period.
  2. Trial period with your own account: You get started with your personal account and your own URL right away. This type of trial period is recommended only if you have the required capacities to populate the account with your own data within the 30-day period in order to go through your processes and use cases for example purposes. However, all data from the trial period are then available in subsequent live operation.

WERKBLiQ is a web-based solution. You therefore need only an Internet-enabled device, an up-to-date browser (we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), and an Internet connection.


No. OK, let’s be honest: it is helpful, of course, if you are somewhat used to using the Internet and have some experience in using computers. But we placed particular emphasis on making the application simple during development.


Implementation & account setup

One thing is clear: We don’t do any protracted software projects. On average it takes around four weeks from signing the contract to getting WERKBLiQ ready to use at your company.

In our experience, setting up your account and doing some initial configuration takes just a few days. If you let us have your machine data and users, you can get started in 48 hours at the latest. How is it so quick? WERKBLiQ is web-based and thus does not require any installation time.

Since, in addition to the master data, process data and templates such as checklists also must be adapted to your company, we have defined a standardised implementation framework we use which also leaves enough scope for individual requirements. As part of a four-week programme, a personal Customer Success Manager will support you and help you build your account step by step. You can find more information here.

Yes. As a new customer you get a dedicated point of contact who will help you set up WERKBLiQ and support you throughout the entire onboarding process.


No. Your contact will provide you with support by phone, by email and using short web demo/screensharing sessions when you are setting up WERKBLiQ.

If you would like an on-site appointment, we can offer you a joint proof of concept workshop during the trial period: More information

Yes. Existing master data on machines, employees and objects relevant to testing is easy to import during the setup process provided that it is available in Excel table format. This means that you don’t have to start with a blank slate but you can get going right away.


WERKBLiQ is largely self-explanatory. Thanks to tutorials and guided first steps tours, you can teach yourself to use the software. We will, of course, be happy to support you if you wish with web demos or on the phone. Admin training lasts around 60 minutes and machine operators can use the software after a training session lasting 15 minutes.


In your personal library it is easy for you to upload old service reports as PDF files and assign them to a machine at any time. The documents can then be accessed from anywhere.


WERKBLiQ can be used with products from any manufacturer. It can be used to manage all machines and all equipment. This includes machines with and without connectivity.


A one-off fee is charged for the setup of your account depending on the company size.


No. All settings and setup steps can be completed via the user interface. Our Customer Success Team will support you at each step and help you with any questions you may have.


Support & language

We will be happy to answer any more questions you may have in a personal webinar. We can, of course, also send you further information materials if you wish.

Get in touch with us.

You can contact our support team by email ( or by phone (+49 (0)521 960691-69) Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Customers with further questions can submit a ticket via our Service Desk . You can find answers to many questions here. 


No. Unlimited customer support by email and/or phone is included in every WERKBLiQ plan.


WERKBLiQ is currently available in German, English, Polish, Japanese, Italian Czech, Spanish, French, Russian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Greek, Croatian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Slovenian and Swedish.


Yes. You can set up and manage as many companies as you wish in your home country and abroad.


Hosting & data security

We use the latest encryption technologies, e.g. the SSL protocol. Company-related data are always transmitted securely, and each session is secured using session IDs (tokens). In principle, user passwords are encrypted.


The data centre is in the Microsoft Azure cloud in West Europe. The high security and compliance standards were key in making this decision. WERKBLiQ offers 99% availability. This does not include announced updates and hotfixes.


We are continuously striving to further develop WERKBLiQ together with our customers. In addition to optimising the modules, we are also developing completely new functions that are published after each release and thus made accessible for all users. Around three main releases per year are planned.


Data protection is our top priority. All processes are therefore set up to be GDPR-compliant and the handling of customer data is clearly regulated by contracts (general business terms, commissioned data processing agreements, technical and organisational measures, etc.).


WERKBLiQ can be used with products from any manufacturer. It can be used to manage all machines and all equipment. This includes machines with and without connectivity.


If you really do decide to stop using WERKBLiQ, we’ll consider it a real shame. But no worries: your data remain your data. We will be happy to export the data you have entered and make it available to you. We retain your data in quarantine for three months in case you do change your mind. After this, the data are then irretrievably deleted.


The administrator decides what is visible and permitted for their employees. With role and rights management, they can extend individual responsibilities at individual or role level or restrict colleagues’ views. The configuration is flexibly adaptable to suit all kinds of company structures.