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What is the meaning of Digitalisation?



Digitalisation is often seen as the key trend of the 21st century. But what is digitalisation?

Digitalisation originally meant transforming analogue processes or content into a digital format. For example, scanning a photo.

Here are two examples of digitalisation in a professional context:

  1. Digitalisation of content: Digital operating instructions instead of operating instructions on paper, emails instead of letters, and invoices in PDF format instead of on paper.
  2. Digitalisation of processes and procedures: Replacing forms with digital forms, sending invoices by email

Even though the terms are often used as synonyms, there is a difference between digitalisation and digital transformationDigitalisation refers to implementing digital technologies in existing processes and business models, whereas digital transformation describes the complete conversion of existing processes and business models.

Digitalisation in this sense forms the basis of automation and of digital transformation. For example, automated processes such as sending an order confirmation after receiving an order are possible only if the process has already been digitalised.



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