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What is the meaning of Maintenance?



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According to DIN 31051 maintenance is, in addition to inspectionrepair and improvement, one of the four fundamental measures of maintenance:

  1. Maintenance
    Maintenance is understood to mean “measures to delay the depletion of the existing wear margin to retain the maintenance object”. These measures are generally carried out according to fixed maintenance intervals (according to manufacturer specifications or based on experience values).
  2. Inspection
    Inspection comprises all activities which contribute to recording and evaluating the current status of a maintenance object. It serves to identify potential production issues which may occur at an early stage.
  3. Repair
    Repair means all activities which serve to restore the defined target status – that is, repairs carried out when a machine or system has a defect.
  4. Improvement
    Improvement measures include all activities that increase the reliability of a machine or system and remedy any weaknesses. The actual function of the object does not change.

Typical examples of maintenance include:

  1. Refilling, adding or replacing fuel or consumables such as petrol or oil
  2. Planned replacement of wear parts such as seals or hoses
  3. Cleaning, i.e. removing foreign matter and auxiliary materials

The difference to repair is that no defect needs to be present for maintenance to be carried out. Therefore, it is not about repairing something but preventing the future need to repair it in advance. Maintenance is therefore a preventive measure. In the course of maintenance only smaller defects (repairs) are remedied.

Maintenance is carried out regularly. In this regard, either manufacturer specifications or your own experience values are used for orientation purposes. Regularly carrying out maintenance according to manufacturer specifications is often key when it comes to granting warranty claims.

How does WERKBLiQ support you with maintenance?

WERKBLiQ provides you with comprehensive support when it comes to your maintenance:

Maintenance calendar

You can plan your maintenance work in accordance with the deadlines using the maintenance calendar. You are automatically reminded when maintenance is due. In this regard, it is also possible to assign the maintenance to a responsible colleague who will process it.


To ensure that nothing gets forgotten when it comes to maintenance, you can add checklists which you create individually. You can use these to, for example, query parameters such as fill levels, add images of the target status or request a signature to confirm the completion of processing.


If a maintenance order has been completed, a report is created automatically. This lists all completed tasks.


If larger defects are identified in a maintenance order, they can be converted into an order and scheduled..


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