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What is the meaning of Maintenance?



It is worth looking at DIN 31051 to clarify what maintenance is. There the term maintenance is described as follows:

“Combination of all technical and administrative measures, as well as the management's actions during the life cycle of an reference unit to maintain the functional state or the return to the latterto enable it to perform the required function."

In addition, four fundamental measures in maintenance are described, of which the maintenance is comprised:

  1. Maintenance
    Maintenance is understood to mean “measures to delay the depletion of the existing wear margin to retain the maintenance object”. These measures are generally carried out according to fixed maintenance intervals (according to manufacturer specifications or based on experience values).
  2. Inspection
    Inspection comprises all activities which contribute to recording and evaluating the current status of a maintenance object. It serves to identify potential production issues which may occur at an early stage.
  3. Repair
    Repair means all activities which serve to restore the defined target status – that is, repairs carried out when a machine or system has a defect.
  4. Improvement
    Improvement measures include all activities that increase the reliability of a machine or system and remedy any weaknesses. The actual function of the object does not change.

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