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WERKBLiQ Product update 03/2022 (EN)

Created by Sarah Hahn |   Updates

To continuously improve your user experience, we are updating and providing you with information on the innovations along the way. 🐣🌺🌞

We have prepared the following topics for you this time:

  • Objects
    + Automatically generated QR codes for objects
    + Scan function
    + Print function
  • Internal orders and service calls
    + Creation date and machine status
    + Reassignment of service calls
  • ADAMOS Store connection
    + Single sign-on: Login with ADAMOS account 

Object management: Automatically generated QR codes for objects

To easily identify objects and find them more quickly in your WERKBLiQ account, you now have the option to attach automatically generated QR codes to them. These QR codes are automatically generated for each of your objects after creation and can be printed with one click. To facilitate the assignment, the label and the object type are always displayed above the QR code as well.

QR Code Scan: Identify objects quicklyπŸ”Ž

Many companies have a large number of audit-relevant objects, so finding an object you're looking for isn't always easy. Therefore, it is helpful if these objects are provided with a QR code. By scanning the QR code, you are redirected directly to the details of the specific object.

The QR codes can be scanned either directly in WERKBLiQ via the quick-access, or via the camera of the device.

Internal orders & service calls: Redesign of the Overview

Internal orders can now be processed either

  • be processed in the order of creation (First In, First Out), since the creation date is now also displayed in the overview, or
  • in dependence of the machine status,

because now also the machine status, which was set at the time of the order creation, is displayed in the order overview. The two tabs can now be sorted as well.

Sorting by creation date

Sorting by machine status


Internal orders: Reassignment of orders & service calls πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§πŸ—“

Service calls can now be reassigned even if they are already being processed. This enables smooth further processing in the event that the assigned technician is unavailable (illness, vacation, etc.).


Reassigning internal orders and service calls

To reassign a service call, the user needs the appropriate permission in the Roles & Permissions settings.

ADAMOS Store connection

Increased convenience and time savings? You're welcome!

ADAMOS is a platform that networks processes, plants and machines and combines marketplace and integration platform for the manufacturing industry.

ADAMOS & WERKBLiQ customers will be able to log in to WERKBLiQ via single sign-on using their ADAMOS account (= their ADAMOS ID) without having to enter their user name and password again.

This works both via a link in your ADAMOS account or when logging into your WERKBLiQ. It is taken into account for which company an employee is registered in ADAMOS. Of course, the native login remains the same.

Further information πŸ’‘

Basically, in addition to the topics mentioned above, we provide further improvements in the background with each release to constantly optimize usability and performance.

If any questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We will also be happy to explain further details in the software, with the help of our interactive tours or in a personal exchange at our next online-seminar at

12th April 2022, 08:00 - 08:45 a.m.


We are always at your disposal.
The WERKBLiQ team wishes you a lot of fun exploring the new functions!