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WERKBLiQ Product update 06/2022 (EN)


We are carrying out an update and providing you with information on our innovations in order to continuously improve your user experience.

We have prepared the following topics for you this time:


  • New product design for WERKBLiQ

  • Object management
    + Reminder for upcoming object maintenance
    + Optical adaptation of the QR codes for easier identification

  • News on Adamos integration:
    + Import of machine master data
    + Automatic status changes per machine

New product design - WERKBLiQ is shining in new light✨

This time there are not only some functional adjustments, because our old WERKBLiQ design gets a fresher look and has been modernised extensively! Well, curious? 🎁

A new font, new buttons and a new colour scheme give the interface better readability and a more pleasant working environment for your maintenance processes.

Finding your way back to the homepage via the WERKBLiQ logo🔍

From now on, you can get back to the start page from any module by clicking on the logo:

We are cleaning up: The menu organises itself into the administrative area and the working space🧹

To give you a better overview, we separate your work area from the administrative area. This way you always keep an overview. 🔎

You can continue to configure your data as usual in the administration area and carry out your maintenance processes in the work area.

Object management

Use the reminder function for your upcoming object maintenance

Maintenance orders for properties are often placed externally and usually take place at longer intervals (e.g. monthly, every year). We have implemented a reminder function for you so that the preparations for these orders (e.g. informing security guards, providing objects, etc.) are not forgotten..


The reminder function is explicitly intended for jobs that take place regularly but at longer intervals. A reminder can always be assigned to one or more maintenance templates and recipients can be reminded of their appointment up to 8 weeks in advance::


i) For example, remind your internal and external maintenance staff of upcoming maintenance by simply storing the e-mail addresses of the desired recipients 📨

QR codes with WERKBLiQ logo

To make it easier to identify WERKBLiQ objects, the iQ logo is now automatically stored from the QR codes generated by WERKBLiQ. If several QR codes from different companies are attached to an object, the WERKBLiQ QR code is immediately recognised.

ADAMOS Integration

Import of machine master data

ADAMOS provides the Machine Book application for maintaining machine master data.

For machines created in the ADAMOS Machine Book, selected master data is automatically transferred to your WERKBLiQ. In this way, you avoid duplicate maintenance work.

Likewise, this master data of new machines, which were not yet created in the ADAMOS Machine Book during the initial import, are subsequently transferred completely to your WERKBLiQ.


Automatic status changes per machine

By using the interfaces of the ADAMOS HUB, it is now also possible to track the transmitted machine statuses directly in your WERKBLiQ.


The transmission of automatic machine statuses can be switched on or off and you can change both the description and the colour of these statuses for yourself in the WERKBLiQ portal without changing the assignment. This allows maximum flexibility.


Further information💡

Basically, in addition to the topics mentioned above, we provide further improvements in the areas of usability, performance and security in the background with every release.


We will be happy to explain further with the help of our interactive tours or in a personal exchange at our next refreshing seminar on 12.07.2022, 08:00-8:45am.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are here for you.
The WERKBLiQ team hopes you enjoy exploring the new functions!