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WERKBLiQ Product update 07/2021 (EN)

Created by Sarah Hahn |   Updates

Summer, sun and shiny new features - could it be better?

To kick off the summer, we are updating the WERKBLiQ platform and providing you with information about our new features.

We have prepared the following topics for you this time:

  • New structure in the internal orders
    • Order splitting for your internal orders into several service operations
    • New display of priorities for your internal orders
    • Adjustments of the notifications to the new structure
  • Create object orders and entries via the table view
  • Optimization of the disposition table
  • Optimization of the library view

We say: Hello order splitting! ?

From now on it is possible to split internal maintenance orders into several sub-orders. We refer to this as "service calls". Order splitting makes it possible for several maintenance staff with different qualifications to work on the same order in parallel or one after the other in different service operations.


Where does the order splitting help me??

A repair is due. From experience, during the internal order process, a service call from a maintenance person may not be sufficient.

This can be for many reasons, such as:

  • The first visit is intended for fault analysis
  • The original fault can only be rectified by another service visit
  • A spare part is missing and must first be ordered
  • The help of another maintenance person is needed
  • The case is passed on to another department in the company, as the cause of the fault is different from what was initially assumed

Equally, however, it may simply be that an assignment has been allocated internally and the person responsible is unavailable at short notice. Thus, the assignment would be in process for several weeks and could not be closed - and this is what we solve! Working efficiently on the assignment together without the need for multiple assignments.


We explain how to do this in detail in the platform, with the help of our interactive tours.
At the same time, you are welcome to watch our short video or read our Helpcenter article in advance:


Adjustments of the notifications on activities/service calls

In the course of optimizing our internal orders, we have of course also extended the notification function to the application of a service call.

New design of the prioritization in the internal orders

From now on, the priorities High, Medium and Low are represented by the following icons:


Creation of object orders and entries now also possible via the table

From now on, you can easily start an order in the object management via the icon bar.

The same applies to creating a new entry.

It is getting leaner in the dispatcher-board ?

The icons for editing within the dispatch panel, can now be opened quite conveniently via our new "Meatball menu". Simply click on the three dots next to the unplanned service calls.

In addition, the filters have also grouped together:

Enter the "new" library

In the new tile overview of your library, you can now choose between a table view or the tile view, mark favorites and view your documents in separate windows.

Further information

Just to let you know a little insight: Our releases come as an addition to regular improvements. In our platform development we are always focussing on providing further improvements in areas such as usability, performance and security. We love to make the product as best as we can.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We are at your disposal.

The WERKBLiQ team wishes you a lot of fun exploring the new features!