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WERKBLiQ Product update 12/2020

Created by Sarah Hahn |   Updates

Ho ho ho! ? Yes, got it right – Christmas is approaching and there are a lot of open internal orders which should be processed and checked before Christmas Eve. Here at WERKBLiQ we tought exactly the same and in addition to some new further features, the WERKBLiQ dispatch board has been redesigned for you.


Which new features were newly added and how the new dispatch board looks like- All about this and more as usual in our new blog.


?‍? Dispatch Board -  Technician use made easy!

The new scheduling board scores twice by offering an independent menu item in the navigation bar as well as improvements in usability.  As of now, it is way easier via drag and drop to move new orders from left to right into the dispatch board section. Any broad detours via order overview accompanied by time consuming scrolling up and down to find the technician is a thing of the past. As you are already accustomed to, perform the planning, cancellation and further settings of your order by right-clicking on the mouse button.

⚙ Internal Orders – Overview in the tab-structures

As of now, the four status tabs Unscheduled, Prescheduled, Scheduled and Only escalating orders within the overview of the internal orders are jointly mapped in the tab Open orders. In this specific tab you now have the possibility to search for the respective status via the new planning status filter.


Furthermore, we summarized the tab structure for an efficient handling of the internal order -
in only four compressed steps from now on. The tab “costs” offers your technicians the possibility to store not only costs for service hours but also costs for materials used. Subsequently, your technicians can now benefit in the tab “tasks” from the new option to include a “repair description” – without using the list of tasks or templates.


  1. While generating a new notification you will also encounter a clear tab structure. In case of a new existing order you can, for instance, not only easily set the recipient, but also the respective machine assignment and type of order. In doing so, you can always choose between the respective single selection or multiple selection.    

  2. The module absence types in the module system administration will be called appointment types in the future. As usual, you can create types of appointments, such as absences, internal and external events or public holidays. The types of appointments, which you set, can be used in the module internal orders for the creation of a new appointment. Furthermore, you decide whether the appointment concerns one or more technicians or even a location.

  3. In the future, you always find your standard statistics right on the bottom of the homepage. Thus you save the click path via the analysis module in the navigation bar.

Basically, for each release and besides the above-mentioned topics, we do always provide you with further improvements in the background within the areas of usability, performance and security.


If you have any questions still unanswered, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are at your service.