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WERKBLiQ Product update 03/2021

Created by Sarah Hahn |   Updates

Springtime is release time! At the start of spring, we are updating the WERKBLiQ platform and providing you with useful new features.

More information

Basically, in addition to the topics mentioned above, we provide further improvements in the area of usability, performance and security in the background with every release.

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Support.

The WERKBLiQ team hopes you enjoy exploring the new features.

Notifications for objects ?

You have mail! ? From now on you can set automatic notifications for your objects in the object management. You need an overview of upcoming maintenance or simply want to be informed as soon as there are news about an object order? No problem - with the new triggers, your objects become a bit more tangible again. Configure your notification in the module Generators and Templates in the object management in no time.


Extension of quick access ➕

Be quick! ⏭ Since WERKBLiQ version 6.0 we offer you a quick access to selected functions via the header bar. With the upcoming version we extend the quick access customer specific. No matter if a new notification, a new tile or an external order, from now on you can configure this area independently - you decide which information you need at which place.


Adding appointments in the dispo panel ?

Scenario: Due to further training, vacation or illness, several technicians in your company are prevented from working for a certain period of time. But what period was that again ? Has anyone made a note of it ✏️ ?

We have the solution: From now on, you can easily document appointments and blockers directly at the technician by right-clicking in the dispatch panel and always keep an eye on your available colleagues.

Extension of the filter for maintenance appointments ?

Back to the future! We have extended the filter period in the maintenance section for you. From now on, you can view a period of 24 months in the maintenance table overview. In addition, we currently display your pre-planned maintenance of tomorrow in the maintenance calendar.


Mass editing for users ??‍♀️ ??

New structures have arisen and you need to edit a selected group of users, maintain the assignment as a technician, redefine the user roles or reassign the responsibilities. No problem, from now on you can kill two birds with one stone and reconfigure all or only a certain group of users via mass editing.