WERKBLiQ – developed for machine operators.

Manage your maintenance processes efficiently and on a mobile platform – from commissioning your service partners to spare parts procurement. 

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Intelligent machine management

With WERKBLiQ, you are always on top of things: Use the platform as a personal control centre to manage your machine park. Secure, paperless and in real time.

Your new machine cockpit

  1. Member of the WERKBLiQ expert panel
  2. Dashboard
  3. Machine management
  4. Location management
  5. Logbook
  6. Order management
  7. Maintenance management
  8. Spare parts procurement
  9. Library
  10. Reports
  11. Analyses
  12. Address book
  13. Inbox
  14. Generators & templates
  15. Roles & rights
  16. Mobile app

Member of the WERKBLiQ expert panel

Digital networking of all partners makes quick and easy communication possible at any time. Accelerate processes and share knowledge in the WERKBLiQ community.

The added value for you

  • Availability of knowledge and experience
  • Expansion of business relationships
  • Easy and quick networking


Everything at a glance. Quick and intuitive. With the help of individual overviews, so-called dashboards, you can instantly create the ideal structure for important information and key figures in the WERKBLiQ user interface.

The added value for you

  • Transparent cost and service overview
  • Statistics always at hand
  • Clear analysis of important key figures
  • Personal control centre: everything at a glance

Machine management

Manage your machine and system data centrally at a single location and use this data for all communications, internally and externally, with constant access to everything. Complex machine specifications and technical documentation can be created in the process. The data quality is constantly expanding to include historical data, service reports and information about spare parts - thus allowing you to maintain an overview of your machines.   

The added value for you

  • Digital documentation of all master data for machines
  • Faster flow of information 
  • Shorter response times in the event of a machine shutdown 
  • Important machine data at a glance 
  • Detailed technical data stored digitally

Location management

Define machine locations and assign each of them to the relevant contact person. Data can be updated at any location so that it is always current, which in turn leads to more efficient flows of information. Accelerate your communication channels, especially in the case of urgent events with current data. 

The added value for you

  • All location data at a glance
  • More precise calculation of technician travel costs
  • Simple data transmission on order placement
  • Shortened communication channels due to a contact person assigned to the location
  • Grouping of systems based on location


A logbook with no secrets: every disruption, repair or change is digitally documented and archived. Chronological entries can be updated in real time and can be viewed by all authorised employees.

The added value for you

  • Seamless documentation 
  • Efficient flow of information in teams
  • Optimised response times in the event of changes in the machine status
  • Overview of pending machine tasks 
  • Real-time overview of machine data
  • Uniform protocols and status messages
  • Performance control through the analysis of specific parameters
  • Template definition by users and subscribers

Order management

Assign and monitor service orders, and archive the results digitally: WERKBLiQ order manager will do this for you. Both for internal technicians and for external service providers. With long-term scheduling, you will never miss maintenance intervals again and you will reduce expensive downtimes.

The added value for you

  • Transparent flow of information
  • Efficient communication
  • Direct access to service resources - internal and external
  • Documentation of all process steps
  • Acquisition of all historical machine data at any time
  • Faster order creation through the use of predefined task lists 
  • Continuous flow of information for increased quality when handling orders
  • Easy and complete digital documentation facilitates DIN certification
  • Optimisation of the order process through parallel enquiries with multiple providers

Maintenance management

With WERKBLiQ, you have digital access to all maintenance documentation for your machines. Detailed overviews record all performance parameters and the maintenance calendar records current or pending activities. In addition, regular maintenance orders can be created automatically. For all-round efficient planning.

The added value for you

  • Calendar overview of all maintenance events
  • Digital and more efficient documentation 
  • Optimisation of preventative machine maintenance
  • Creation of maintenance orders for defined performance parameters
  • Efficient scheduling 
  • Configuration of relevant machine parameters that need to be read
  • Automatic creation of recurring maintenance orders
  • Long-term archiving of recorded performance parameters

Spare parts procurement 

Like online-shopping – only more intelligent. You make enquiries about spare parts and receive offers that meet your specific requirements. The stored machine ID is perfect for providing specialist distributors with a basis for clear identification of parts. You can compare various offers and providers with one another and then place your order directly via the WERKBLiQ platform.

The added value for you

  • Bid comparison at a glance
  • Parallel enquiries with multiple providers at a single click
  • Reduced delivery times for minimal downtime
  • Transmission of all information that is important for the order process
  • Improved planning capability for spare parts procurement as a result of a standardised process


You can store various types of documents such as invoices and manuals in the document library. Intelligent filter functions ensure accurate search results and indexing of existing documents.

The added value for you

  • Paperless document storage 
  • Flexible access to documents anywhere and at any time 
  • Transmission of documents relating to the order with a single click
  • Simplified search function for documents


Storing reports in folders and locking them in the plant manager’s office is a thing of the past. With WERKBLiQ, all reports are available to you at any time and from any location.

The added value for you

  • Clear overview of all documents at one location
  • Search and read important events from the past
  • Learn from reports at any time and from any location
  • Simple comparison of reports


Predictive maintenance is a reality with WERKBLiQ, not simply a vision. The analysis function simplifies your cost planning, provides information about the efficiency and productivity of your systems and optimises maintenance management.

  • Analyses of machine-related data
  • Compare machines and locations according to specific criteria
  • Identification of potential for optimisation  
  • Break-down the maintenance costs on individual machines
  • More efficient cost and production control through KPI analysis
  • Improved information about production processes and personnel (utilisation)

Address book

Always the right go-to person; always the right contact. The WERKBLiQ address book provides you with centralised and yet simple management and control of all important contacts. Forward address data and distribute important contacts to your employees. At any time and from any location.

The added value for you

  • Easy creation of records for customers and business partners
  • Quick acquisition of contact information in the case of enquiries
  • All contacts at a glance
  • Shorter communication channels thanks to constant availability of contact information 


WERKBLiQ allows smooth communication with your employees without having to purchase expensive email accounts. Notify your employees about important safety rules and upcoming operational events with just one click.

The added value for you

  • Improvement of internal communication
  • Personalised notification settings
  • Interaction with colleagues
  • Integration into the flow of communication within the company
  • Notification about the status of the inquiry and offer processes

Generators & templates

The template manager ensures that standards are upheld in your processes. Within a very short period of time, you can create all of the important templates and documents such as work instructions, measuring tables, checklists and complex service protocols, and use them both internally and externally across all orders.

The added value for you

  • Easy configuration of the logbook
  • Increased standardisation through the use of predefined task lists
  • Maintenance intervals can be set as required
  • Display of existing internal processes 
  • Can be customised easily at any time 

Roles and rights

You determine what content is visible and to whom. By assigning rights and roles, you can manage the flow of information between your teams and employees effectively. Person-specific user accounts allow sharing of relevant information.

The added value for you

  • Each function can be controlled on a person-by-person basis
  • Fast, independent assignment of rights
  • Person-specific access

Mobile app

Wherever you happen to be: A quick look at your mobile device is enough to be able to grasp all of the important information. Access your data from anywhere, thus keeping a tight reign on your process control. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

The added value for you

  • Accessibility wherever you are
  • Don’t miss any information
  • Direct documentation on-site – even without Internet access
  • Complete admin tasks while on-the-go
  • User-friendly operation

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