WERKBLiQ – developed for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Offer your customers the highest level of professional support and maximum availability.

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Tangible added value for your customers

Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers more than just products: WERKBLiQ supports you with sustainable service and maintenance solutions. For long-term, happy partnerships.

Your new service cockpit

  1. Member of the WERKBLiQ expert panel
  2. Customer management
  3. Spare parts management
  4. Library
  5. Address book
  6. Roles & rights

Member of the WERKBLiQ expert panel

Expand your customer base with a membership on WERKBLiQ. The intelligent features of the platform support you and constantly keep you up to date. This allows you to keep an eye on the needs of your customers and current market trends.

The added value for you

  • Member of the community
  • Expansion of sales channels
  • Reduced acquisition times
  • High degree of customer satisfaction due to faster processing
  • Digital documentation of all processes

Customer management

You can operate a modern CRM and enter all important data in your WERKBLiQ customer management system. Thanks to optimal integration with all areas of the WERKBLiQ environment, you can distribute your contacts and use them as a basis for order management. 

The added value for you

  • Digital office
  • Simplified administration of customer data
  • Straightforward communication with the customer
  • Quick order processing
  • Optimisation of customer management by means of a modern CRM system
  • Efficient flow of information because data is only entered once
  • Clear depiction

Spare parts management

Machine operators look for specific spare parts digitally using WERKBLiQ. Make them a suitable offer. Manufacturers and suppliers can place their products using the platform, thereby serving both new and existing customers easily and quickly.

The added value for you

  • Increase in customer satisfaction as a result of quick order processing
  • Increased revenue through the expansion of your customer base
  • Enhancement of your image through customer evaluation


You can store various types of documents such as invoices and manuals in the document library. Intelligent filter functions ensure accurate search results and indexing of existing documents.

The added value for you

  • Paperless storage of documents
  • Easy access to documents at any time from any location
  • Transmission of documents with just one click

Address book

Always the right go-to person; always the right contact. The WERKBLiQ address book provides you with centralised and yet simple management and control of all important contacts. Forward address data and distribute important contacts to your employees. At any time and from any location.

The added value for you

  • Easy creation of records for customers and business partners
  • Quick acquisition of contact information in the case of enquiries
  • Accessible to all authorised employees
  • All contacts at a glance

Roles & rights

You determine what content is visible and to whom. By assigning rights and roles, you can manage the flow of information between your teams and employees effectively. Person-specific user accounts allow sharing of relevant information.

The added value for you

  • User-defined assignments of roles and rights
  • Fast, independent assignment of rights
  • Every user has access to the content provided to them

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