WERKBLiQ – developed for service partners.

Get more out of your business. Thanks to simple order generation and order processing on a digital maintenance platform.

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Simple order generation and order processing

From the creation of service offers to the final invoice – simplify and accelerate your entire process. For better service and higher profits.

Your new order cockpit

  1. Member of the WERKBLiQ service pool
  2. Dashboard
  3. Customer management
  4. Order management
  5. Reports
  6. Analyses
  7. Spare parts management
  8. Team management
  9. Generators & templates
  10. Library
  11. Address book
  12. Inbox
  13. Roles & rights
  14. Mobile app

Member of the WERKBLiQ service pool

Acquisition can really be this quick and easy: after listing on WERKBLiQ, you will receive high-quality, concrete enquiries from machine operators, and conclude contracts with just a few clicks. By specifying your qualifications, you can customise enquiries to your services.

The added value for you

  • Reduced acquisition times
  • Optimisation of the acquisition process
  • Increased quantity and quality of enquiries
  • Rewards for services that are performed well
  • Gain time for yourself
  • Maximise operating revenue
  • Expand your customer base


A structured user interface provides access to all areas. You can customise the entire dashboard to meet your needs and create overviews that can be accessed quickly.

The added value for you

  • Personal control centre: everything at a glance
  • Overview of all current and completed enquiries and orders
  • Detailed access to order details with a single click

Customer management

You can operate a modern CRM and enter all important data in your WERKBLiQ customer management system. Thanks to optimal integration with all areas of the WERKBLiQ environment, you can distribute your contacts and use them as a basis for order management.

The added value for you

  • Simplified administration of customer data
  • Transmission of customer data to technicians 
  • Easy allocation of customer location and machines
  • Straightforward communication with the customer
  • Quick order processing
  • Modern CRM system for optimised customer management 
  • Data only needs to be entered once
  • Clear depiction

Order management

The range of functions on WERKBLiQ begins with acquisition, because with us, you and your customer are working on a common platform. This is precisely what makes WERKBLiQ as easy as it is brilliant. You implement your entire business process via WERKBLiQ – as does your customer, who uses WERKBLiQ to manage service and maintenance needs.

The added value for you

  • Fast, paperless order processing
  • Optimisation of resources, scheduling and route planning
  • Real-time overview of orders
  • Better resource planning by prioritising orders
  • Geolocation
  • Access to historical customer data 
  • High degree of customer satisfaction due to inquiry and order priorities


Storing reports in folders and locking them in the plant manager’s office is a thing of the past. With WERKBLiQ, all reports are available to you at any time and from any location in digital form.

The added value for you

  • Lower administrative costs thanks to digital documentation of orders
  • Simplified search and archiving of reports
  • Ongoing access to previous service and performance reports
  • Increase in the transparency of service deployments 
  • Paperless processing of orders
  • Service reports are automatically sent to customers


You define which key figures are the most meaningful for you. With WERKBLiQ, you can compare the workload of your technicians, identify the customers with the highest turnover and discern the most important trends. You want to keep improving, and we give you the tools to do just that. The WERKBLiQ platform fully supports you in controlling your cost-effectiveness and profitability.

The added value for you

  • Automatic creation of key figures
  • Transparent cost and service overview
  • Identification of the most profitable technicians
  • Better target setting for technicians
  • Opportunity to compare the service assignments based on turnover and effectiveness
  • Visual representation using different chart types
  • Quick analyses and reporting with just a few clicks

Spare parts management

Quick and efficient spare parts procurement plays a central role in maintenance processes. The downtimes of machines are determined by the availability of spare parts. With WERKBLiQ, you have a secure partner by your side. You can send your enquiries to multiple providers in parallel, choose the best price, and benefit from reduced delivery times.

The added value for you

  • Price transparency
  • Optimised ordering processes thanks to parallel enquiries with multiple providers
  • Reduced delivery times for minimal downtime
  • High degree of customer satisfaction due to faster availability of spare parts
  • Minimisation of expenses due to the ability to compare offers
  • Improved planning capability as a result of a standardised process

Team management

Good work starts with good organisation and clear processes. Coordinate your team and optimise personnel deployment in order to react quickly to customer requirements, to optimise service assignments and to minimise your customers’ costly machine downtimes.

The added value for you

  • Easy creation of records for new employees
  • Creation and administration of teams
  • Overview of employees’ expertise
  • Targeted personnel deployment planning
  • Minimised response times to customer’s requests 
  • Better coordination of service technicians
  • Documentation of the personnel structures (team and group composition)

Generators & templates

The customer is always right - and the customer’s satisfaction is the primary concern of every service provider. Increase customer satisfaction by offering high quality services. The pre-defined templates ensure that the process always follows the same standards. 

The added value for you

  • Easy configuration of the logbook
  • Time savings through increased standardisation 
  • Higher quality of service activities
  • Option of a customised platform
  • Easily add activities to an order – with just one click
  • Creation of digital task lists


You can store various types of documents such as invoices and manuals in the document library. Intelligent filter functions ensure accurate search results and indexing of existing documents.

The added value for you

  • Digital document management of manuals, invoices, etc.
  • Time savings through quick access to the necessary types of documents
  • Transmission of documents with just one click
  • Constant availability of important documents
  • Secure archiving of documents
  • Parallel access by multiple users

Address book

Always the right go-to person; always the right contact. The WERKBLiQ address book provides you with centralised and yet simple management and control of all important contacts. Forward address data and distribute important contacts to your employees. At any time and from any location.

The added value for you

  • Easy creation of records for customers and business partners
  • Quick acquisition of contact information in the case of enquiries
  • All contacts at a glance
  • Simple administration and control of all important contacts
  • Simple forwarding of contacts to employees


WERKBLiQ allows smooth communication with your employees without having to purchase expensive email accounts. Notify your employees about important safety regulations with just one click.

The added value for you

  • Improved internal communication
  • Personalised notification settings
  • Efficient flow of information due to quick and straightforward establishment of contact
  • Notification about the status of the inquiry and offer processes
  • Compliance with statutory safety instructions

Roles & rights

You determine what content is visible and to whom. By assigning rights and roles, you can manage the flow of information between your teams and employees effectively. Person-specific user accounts allow sharing of relevant information.

The added value for you

  • Each function can be controlled on a person-by-person basis
  • Fast, independent assignment of rights
  • Every user has access to the content provided to them

Mobile app

Retrieve data, process orders, create and send service reports automatically – in real time and using mobile platforms. Thanks to smooth synchronisation, WERKBLiQ makes your service processes significantly faster and thus more productive. 

The added value for you

  • User-friendly operation
  • Direct documentation on site 
  • Immediate update of customer and order data in real time
  • Can be used on all end devices
  • Better control of field staff thanks to accessibility from any location 
  • Always have all data with you on the smartphone in your pocket
  • Efficient flow of information due to mobile availability
  • Offline availability

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