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General Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions for use of the WERKBLiQ platform

We, an affiliate of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, provide a virtual platform for the management of machines and systems named WERKBLiQ via the Internet, at the address The Platform can be used to map machines and/or systems, collect, store, and display machine-related data (e.g., data on maintenance, service, replacement parts and wear parts, as well as operating data, including automatically collected data) for the respective machine/system and share these with third parties, connect providers of goods and services relating to these kinds of machines and/or systems, and initiate and conclude business transactions. In addition, you as a participant and further participants can communicate and cooperate with each other via the Platform. Furthermore, we process personal data on your behalf in order to provide these services.

"Platform" means the totality of central computers (servers), data, databases, computer programs, domain names, mobile applications, and websites that collectively make it possible to utilize the services offered at the address Where "WERKBLiQ" is mentioned in isolation hereinafter, this means the foregoing definition of "Platform."

If you commissioned WERKBLiQ via our DMG MORI internal sales and distribution organization, the contract documents will be provided to you by the Area Sales Manager (ASM) or Digital Sales Manager (DSM), or will be transmitted by mail or electronically.

If you commissioned WERKBLiQ digitally via the online platform of ADAMOS GmbH, further details regarding the entry into the contract are given in Part (B) below. The use of WERKBLiQ is based on a subscription model and is based exclusively on these Terms and Conditions ("Use Agreement"). In the subscription model, WERKBLiQ is provided for a specific amount of time as part of a continuing obligation. For the agreed term, you have the right to use WERKBLiQ, and we are entitled to the agreed remuneration. The details are set down in the Terms and Conditions that follow.