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Simple – Digital – Independent

The platform for continuous maintenance and repair

  • Entire machine park
  • Inspection-relevant objects

  • Analyses & BI
  • Knowledge database

  • Documents
  • Machine history
  • Spare parts management

  • Machine logbook
  • Maintenance activities & checklists
  • Fault messages
  • Internal repairs

  • Technician & dealer pool
  • Disposition
  • User & team management
  • Internal communications

Frequently asked questions

Upgrade from my DMG MORI

What functions do I get if I “upgrade” to WERKBLiQ?

As soon as you have upgraded to WERKBLiQ, you receive a multitude of new functions all linked with machine management. What makes WERKBLiQ so special is that it enables you to manage not only your DMG MORI machines, but those of third-party manufacturers as well. You can then visualize the service and maintenance processes for the machines and equipment on your shopfloor holistically, set and process internal and external orders and use analytical tools.

How much does an upgrade cost?

The individual costs for the upgrade to WERKBLiQ depend on the number of machines managed and the functions required. The lowest price category starts at just 99 Euros a month.

Getting started with WERKBLiQ

Can I test WERKBLiQ?

Yes. We offer a free 30-day trial period.

How do I receive my access data?

Anyone who is interested can start a registration request at werkbliq.de/en/try-for-free/. The WERKBLiQ partner managers take care of the request and send you the access data by email.

How does a free trial period work?

You name a department, five machines and five users. We setup the trial account within 48 hours. You receive an automated email and assign your personal password. You can then get going and click through all functions. Of course, we support you during the 30-day trial period with webinars and by telephone.

What happens to my data after the trial period?

If requested, all data from the trial period are retained after conclusion of a contract. Should you decide against concluding a contract after the trial period, your data will be deleted.

What do I need to get started?

WERKBLiQ is a web-based solution, so all you need is an Internet-capable device, an up-to-date browser (we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and an Internet connection.

Do I need any previous technical knowledge to use WERKBLiQ?

No. OK, let’s be honest: Of course it helps if you are a bit Internet savvy and know your way round a computer. But we paid particular attention to simplicity of use during development.

Implementation & Machine Connection

How long does it take to setup the software?

Our experience shows that the entire implementation takes maximum 10 days. If you give us your machine data and users, you can get started after 48 hours at the latest. Why so quickly? WERKBLiQ is web-based, so it needs no installation time.

How long does employee training take?

WERKBLiQ is self-explanatary for the most part. Users can learn themselves how to use WERKBLiQ through tutorials and guided first-step tours. Of course we offer support though webinars wherever necessary. An administration training session takes about 60 minutes and machine operators can work with the platform after just a 15-minute training.

How long does it take to implement WERKBLiQ on site?

On-site implementation takes about two days.

Can I import my master data?

Yes. We have created an Excel template for this, with which we simply import machines and employees. So you do not have to start from scratch, but can get going right away.

What about my historical data?

You can easily upload old PDF service report files into your personal library at any time and call them up again from anywhere.

What machines and what equipment can I manage with WERKBLIQ?

WERKBLiQ is manufacturer independent. You can manage all machines and all equipment. This includes machines with and without connectivity.

Hosting & Data Protection

How secure are the data stored on the platform?

We use state-of-the-art encryption technology, such as the SSL protocol. Company-related data are transmitted securely at all times and every session is secured on a personal-related basis by means of so-called session IDs (tokens) User passwords are stored in encrypted form on principle.

Where are the data stored & what availability does WERKBLiQ offer?

The data center is located in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Western Europe. The high level of security and standards of compliance were decisive for this choice. WERKBLiQ has a rate of availability of 99%. This does not include announced updates and hotfixes.

How many releases does WERKBLiQ bring out a year?

We continuously develop WERKBLiQ in cooperation with you. Completely new functions are developed in addition to optimization modules, which are made public after every release and are therefore accessible for all users. Approx. three releases a year are planned.

How does WERKBLIQ handle the topic of data protection?

We place top priority on data protection. All our processes therefore comply with the GDPR and the handling of customer data is unambiguously regulated by contracts (GTC, ADP, TOM, etc.).

What happens to my data if I cancel my contract?

The data remains the property of you. We gladly export the input data and make them available to you. We keep the data in quarantine for three months just in case you change your mind. After this they are definitely deleted.

Do our machine operators also see documents such as invoices?

The administrator decides what employees are allowed to see. He can extend the individual responsibilities on a personal or role level or restrict the viewing rights of colleagues as part of his role and right management. Whereby the configuration can be adapted flexibly to every corporate structure.

Pricing, Support & Languages

What price packages does WERKBLiQ offer?

WERKBLiQ has the right offer for every company. The monthly price is based on the number of machines to be integrated in WERKBLiQ.

What is the term of the contract?

Unless otherwise agreed, the term of the contract is 12 months and can be terminated three months before it expires. Otherwise the contract is extended for a further 12 months.

Are there any other costs in addition to the monthly fee?

No. There are no hidden costs here. Of course, other services can also be booked from WERKBLiQ as an option in addition to normal use, e.g. on-site workshops or interface programming. We inform customers of such options, always transparently.

Can I book machines during the contract period?

This is not a problem. You can deregister and register machines at any time.

How can I find out more about WERKBLiQ?

We will gladly answer all of your questions in a personalized webinar. Naturally, we will also send you additional informational material upon request.

How can I reach the WERKBLIQ customer service?

You can reach our Support by email (kundenservice(at)werkbliq.de) or by phone (+49 (0)521 960691-69) from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Which languages is WERKBLiQ available in?

WERKBLiQ is currently available in German, English, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Czech, Spanish, French, and Russian.

„The entire service process runs far more transparently, efficiently and seamlessly with WERKBLiQ.”

Anne Theile-Wielage
Head of Mechanical Production, Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

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„WERKBLiQ can be adapted flexibly to our processes – and not the other way around."

Reinhard Musch
Managing Director, DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH

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„We save over 1.5 hours a day with WERKBLiQ thanks to no longer having to go backwards and forwards to the workshop so often."

Heinrich Krull
Head of Operations, ROMACO KILIAN GmbH

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