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The difficult task for managers: ensuring the highest possible availability of machines and systems at the lowest possible cost for maintenance. But just how high are the actual maintenance costs?

In addition to direct cost drivers such as repair and service costs, machine breakdowns also cause indirect costs in the form of reduced qualitative and quantitative system capacities, which arise as a result of inadequate maintenance or a failure to carry it out at all.

The WERKBLiQ efficiency calculator provides you with an overview of all of your maintenance costs with just a few clicks.

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Explanation of the cost items:

  • Maintenance: This includes all direct maintenance costs such as personnel costs, energy costs, tool costs, transport costs, costs for external maintenance services, material costs (lubricants, cleaning materials, etc.) or even administrative costs.

  • Spare parts: Includes costs for spare parts which arise in the course of maintenance work. This may include wear parts or consumables, for example.

  • Downtime: The costs for machine downtimes represent the indirect part of the maintenance costs. To be included here are lost profits as a result of production losses or costs due to quality problems such as take-back costs (logistics, disposal, new production). The total cost for the machine downtime is calculated by multiplying the average downtime costs per hour by the total number of hours of downtime for the year.


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Download our Excel template and customise the efficiency calculator for your company. Create an overview of your direct and indirect cost drivers in maintenance.

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