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What is WERKBLiQ?

WERKBLiQ is the Service 4.0 platform for all maintenance and machine administration processes.

WERKBLiQ allows you to communicate about machines simply and efficiently by bringing together machine operators, their service technicians and distributors on a single portal. The application not only maps all aspects of the offer and order process, but also facilitates integrated communication.
This includes internal communication, a logbook which allows you to call up the current status of a machine from anywhere in the world, and automatic transmission of service reports once a repair or servicing task has been completed.

Would you like to find out more? Then simply schedule a date for a webinar and we will walk you through the first steps!

Email: kundenservice(at)
Phone: (+49) 0521 96069169

How does communication on WERKBLiQ work?

The interaction between machine operators, distributors, manufacturers and service technicians takes place on multiple levels on the platform.

Communication within the company: For communication within a company, WERKBLiQ offers an internal email system, the logbook and an internal order management system.

Communication with service technicians: Information is exchanged within WERKBLiQ for various reasons. For example, information is used to present your qualifications on the company profile, to allow communication with business partners about the conclusion of contracts, and to place or select orders in a pool of enquiries. WERKBLiQ is designed to simplify and accelerate communication processes between all partners - try it out for yourself!

How do I register with WERKBLiQ?

If you would like to register with WERKBLiQ, it’s very easy. You can get started right away:

Send us an email: kundenservice(at)
or give us a call: (+49) 0521 96069169

We will walk you through the first steps on the portal in a webinar.

So you see: It’s all pretty easy... so let's get started!

Is WERKBLiQ geared for me?

As there are multiple setting options, each member can customise “their” WERKBLiQ and adapt it to their working needs. In addition, you have the option of setting WERKBLiQ to the language spoken in your company and you can even extend functions yourself.

Or do you need to reassign roles and rights to reflect requirements? With WERKBLiQ, you have the option of assigning access rights to your teams and employees so that they are precisely suited to their tasks.  

Do I need previous technical knowledge to be able to use WERKBLiQ?

No. OK, let's be honest: of course, it helps if you are a little Internet savvy and have some experience in using computers. But during development, we paid particular attention to ensuring that the application is easy to use.

The portal was designed in such a way that all of its functions can be used without requiring any special technical knowledge or extensive training. In addition, there are tutorials that give you a brief and precise description of our functions in short video format.

And if that doesn’t work: give us a call or drop us a line! We would also be happy to schedule a date for a personal webinar so that we can walk you through the first steps on the platform.

Email: kundenservice(at)
Phone: (+49) 0521 96069169

What reporting and documentation functions can WERKBLiQ take over for me?

WERKBLiQ looks after your machine communication and maintenance process in a holistic way. This means that we support you not only during the offer and order process, but also before and after. You have all the information at your fingertips in a simple and clear form and you can retrieve it anywhere in the world using standardised forms such as a service report, for example.

Dashboards, which serve as your personal control centres,  provide you with clear insight into your processes at all times.

At the same time, your data is automatically evaluated and displayed using clearly understandable statistics - your maiden voyage into the world of Industry 4.0 and M2M communication.

What are the minimum requirements of my system?

Since WERKBLiQ is an online-based portal, all you need is a PC, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection, an up-to-date browser (Firefox, Chrome or Explorer) and an email address or mobile phone number to identify you. It sounds simple - and it is.

Is there an interface for my EDP or ERP system?

In developing the system, we focused on providing a large number of interfaces. Thus, for example, service orders have already been set up in a structure that can be easily imported into SAP. Ask us about your interface requirements and we can harmonise the systems together.

Can anyone see the information about my machine?

No. You can use settings to control the flow of information. You determine which employee has access to which machine documents, for example. Or - in the case of a service order - you can determine how much information you want to give the service technician. You retain data sovereignty and decide who receives which information.

Does WERKBLiQ also work at locations where there is no Internet connection available?

To answer this question, we have to separate two types of functions:

The mobile technician app: The mobile application for service technicians also works if there is no data connection and it caches the work results. The next time there is online contact, the data is synchronised.

The portal functions: WERKBLiQ is a web application and therefore only works if an Internet connection is available.

How secure is the data stored on the platform?

WERKBLiQ works with all data in the Microsoft Azure CLOUD, which in Germany, is operated by T-Systems and the Deutsche Bundesdruckerei [German Federal Printing Service].

The key criteria in making this choice were the stringent security requirements and compliance standards. A majority of the portal audits are covered by existing audits (includes ISO 27001/18 and SSAE16/ISAE 3402). You can find more detailed information at:

Moreover, WERKBLiQ uses the latest encryption technologies such as the SSL protocol. Company-related information is transmitted securely at all times and each session is secured by means of so-called session IDs (tokens). User passwords are stored in encrypted form at all times.

Can I use WERKBLiQ to handle scheduling of my technicians?

WERKBLiQ depicts the deployment of your technicians in a simple and clear manner. In addition, orders that did not come in through the portal can be logged in your work environment.

You also have the opportunity to plan the schedule for technicians in advance. The connection between the planning tool and mobile order acceptance by the service technician allows WERKBLiQ to provide perfect communication for your service company - in real time, on mobile platforms and with documentation. Sounds good, right?

Where do I receive my orders as a service technician or service company?

You receive orders from other members in the WERKBLiQ community or your existing clientele. Many companies engaged in mechanical engineering use the machine manager and are looking for competent service technicians for their machines. You receive order enquiries with all the relevant information immediately: the type of machine, the order request (repair, maintenance, etc.), date request, the location, a description of the scope of the order and (if provided by the customer) a detailed list of tasks.

You can generate suitable offers quickly and easily based on this data and send them back to the customer via the platform. You can always see the status of the offer on the order dashboard and you can get started immediately on scheduling in the planning table once the order is placed. And don’t forget: all of the information is already available! Acquisition has never been easier!

Can I also enter customer data for customers who are not on WERKBLiQ?

Yes, and it’s easy to do so. Use WERKBLiQ as a customer management system for all customers, store information about equipment and addresses and maintain your order history. The main difference for you: you have to enter the data for “Non-WERKBLiQ customers” manually and send an email or post at the end of the order process. In the case of WERKBLiQ members, this is simply done via the platform - therefore: just recruit your customers for WERKBLiQ and you can make the most of the advantages together.

Why do I need order templates?

Some work is carried out on a regular basis: taking readings, cleaning processes, maintenance, etc. It makes sense to record all of the steps once so that you can use them again and again for all these recurring tasks. The major advantage: you save time and have a consistent order quality.

How does communication with my service technicians work?

Service technicians download a mobile app to their smartphone and then work using WLAN or the mobile phone network. Thanks to intelligent programming, WERKBLiQ does not need an LTE connection. The service technician has all the data and important information available at all times - and time-consuming telephone calls are no longer required.

In the case of offline data collection in the app, data is saved and then transmitted the next time an online connection is established. This allows your technicians to work truly everywhere.

What is the order dashboard and how can I use it?

The order dashboard provides you with an overview and a starting point for processing all orders. You can see current orders, drafts of orders, offers and historical orders at a single glance. In addition, you can access your own stored templates and measurement data so that you can log orders more quickly.

What is the logbook?

Some people call it the machine logbook, others just the logbook, others still call it documentation or an event report… there are many names for the secure documentation of events, incidents and handovers (in the case of multi-shift operation, for example) involving your machine. Changes in the status of the machine carried out with the mobile status manager are also documented in the logbook. The logbook can be accessed directly via the machine detail view.

WERKBLiQ ensures that nothing gets forgotten and that no incident falls between the cracks when changing shifts. Moreover, WERKBLiQ will also help you meet DIN & ISO standards.

Why should I share documents with others?

The most important things first: you always get to decide which information and documents you want to share! A simple example: you place an order with an external service technician for the repair of your machine. Normally, the service technician would now have to ask for all of the information and review old service reports, which takes a lot of time. If you now make the machine history and the last 2 service reports available to the technician via WERKBLiQ, the service technician then a) has all of the important information to hand b) may be able to identify a fault and can prepare better for the repair, and c) will not need to interrupt you constantly with questions.

Sharing information saves valuable time so that technicians and employees have a better basis on which to make decisions in the event of an emergency. However: you always get to determine which information you share.

What is the service technician pool?

The service technician pool is your opportunity to send an order enquiry to multiple qualified service technicians. You use the order process to create an order enquiry, which is answered in a standard way by members of the WERKBLiQ platform - not by all members, but by those who are interested in the order. Important: Only WERKBLiQ customers receive such an enquiry. This guarantees high quality and transparent communication.

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