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The dangerous Consequences of non-digitisation

Erstellt von Marlene Heitmann |   Instandhaltung 4.0

Surely you know the feeling of putting something off for a long time: Cleaning out the storage room, making a precautionary appointment or finally putting on the summer tires. But when you finally do it, it feels really good, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly how many companies are handling digitalisation: measures that could have been implemented long ago are being postponed again and again. But in the long run non-digitisation can not only leave dissatisfaction behind, but also have expensive consequences. As in your storeroom, the chaos is getting bigger and bigger – mistakes occur more often and the work becomes more and more. That’s why you should stop putting off the subject and take it into your own hands now. We have listed below which scenario you might otherwise be facing:

4 Consequences of non-digitisation in maintenance:

1. Errors occur again and again

Hand on heart: The problems in maintenance have been similar for years, right? The classics: maintenance intervals are not being adhered to, there is no correct and sufficient documentation, there is a chronic lack of time. And the same defects frequently occur on the machines.

It is a cycle of time, money and nerve-eaters that can and should be stopped by digital solutions and ways.

2. The competition pulls you away

That digitisation in maintenance is an important factor in keeping up with your competitors is proven by these few figures on digitisation in German medium-sized companies from the DIGITALISATION INDEX 2019/2020:

For 51 percent of those surveyed, the topic of predictive maintenance is highly relevant.

Already 35 percent use predictive maintenance in daily practice.

83 percent have reduced the downtimes of machines and systems with predictive maintenance.


3. Trying to catch up leads to wrong decisions

Those who make decisions under pressure often make mistakes because they do not consider possible solutions from all sides. In order to prevent this problem from becoming even greater, it is important to start digitisation measures as soon as possible. When is the right time for this? Now of course! Otherwise the advantage of the competitors will become bigger and bigger.

4. It becomes impossible to catch up

This may be the worst-case scenario. But it’s not far-fetched: If the competitors in your industry have established a super maintenance management system, they may quickly outperform you in terms of productivity. It is a gigantic task to catch up on this.

Granted: our scenario is bleak. But it is by no means absurd!

"Those who do not digitalize themselves will be knocked out."

Wladimir Klitschko


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